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High precision terrain import
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Author:  Loremaster [ Mon Apr 02, 2007 2:55 pm ]
Post subject:  High precision terrain import

Terrain Creator is a great landscape making tool but currently restricted in terms of highmap sources. Landscape processors like WorldMachine and GeoControl are using RAW-FP32-format. It would lead into new dimensions of landscape making, if I could import high precision landscapes out of WorldMachine or GeoControl.

Author:  Ralf [ Mon Apr 02, 2007 3:24 pm ]
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You can import from higher precision data sources. Just select the "Heightmap import from RAW" importer and use "FLOAT" as data format. That should be FP32.

Author:  Loremaster [ Mon Apr 02, 2007 5:29 pm ]
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I've tried out a r32-file out of WorldMachine with 4byte float import. It seems, there is no compatibility with this.

r32-file spec (no RGB values):
The format is a direct dump of the world machine internal heightfield
datafield. It has no header, and consists of 32bit floating-point values
in intel byte-ordering, defined in raster order (left-right per row, top
to bottom). The floating point height values will always be defined in
an inclusive range between 0.0 and 1.0.

For square terrain, the terrain dimensions can be deduced by the
filesize of the raw file: ie side_length = sqrt(filesize/4). For
non-square, outside information would be needed to load the file.

Author:  Ralf [ Tue Apr 03, 2007 9:02 am ]
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That format is definetly supported by TC. What result do you get? Just a flat terrain? Any error message? Or a completely wrong terrain surface?

As the height values are in the rage 0.0 to 1.0, you have to scale them into appropriate metrical units. So, if the world machine terrain had a height range of 0 to 200 meters, you have to set 200 as "factor" in the import settings dialog.

If this still doesn't work, please send me the file you want to import, so I can try.

Author:  Loremaster [ Tue Apr 03, 2007 1:18 pm ]
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Ooops, it was flat because I've used the default factor of 1. Ok, it works very well but the right high factor is "meters in WorldMachine/10". Now it looks like a copy of the original landscape.
Thank you very much for your help, Ralf.

PS: Is it normal, having a wall reaching the skies on north and east edge in 3D view?

Author:  kaylon [ Wed Apr 04, 2007 2:40 pm ]
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Your wall reaching up to the sky could be the editor trying to equalise the edges with connecting sectors...make sure all sectors around your terrain are at the same rough hieght or this will happen.


Author:  Loremaster [ Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:01 pm ]
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Thanx, I've found it out. You could close this topic now.

Author:  Ralf [ Wed Apr 04, 2007 3:06 pm ]
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Well there is a problem with the current importer from release
It does not import the right and top most elements. It is already fixed but not yet available as download.

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