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A crater scene
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Author:  GameWizard [ Thu Feb 15, 2007 5:15 pm ]
Post subject:  A crater scene

This is a project (incomplete at this time) to create a crater with forested hillsides and a lake in the bottom. I assume there may be other, better or faster, ways of accomplishing it but this is what I have done (thus far).

The more-or-less circular lake is to be about 800m across. The surrounding hillside of the crater is to have a slope of about 45 degrees, rounded off at the ridge which is to be 200m high. The resolution of the terrain is (for now) to be 0.2m per element so that I can distinguish a 20 cm change in a terrain feature.

This will result in a 8x8 sector terrain.

1. In photoshop create an image 1024x1024, 16bit greyscale, 8x8cm, 128 px/in
2. Draw a rough circle 20 px wide at 30% grey scale with a diameter of about 6.5cm on a black background to use as a guide.
3. Save it.
4. Save the raw version, IBM format.

5. Create a 1x1 terrain: 1024x1024 (128x128), 0-400m high, element size 200mx8sect/1024=1.56m
6. Import the raw image: scale 400/65535=0.0061, offset 0 (use raw scale when available)
7. Use the smooth falloff tool: round, size 10m, max slope 45, transition size 20m, work space 250m to raise a location on the circle to 200m. Use a workspace of 250m to be certain not to get a vertical edge at the bottom of the slope when you reach 200m of height.
8. Hold ?L? down over the 200m high location and draw, following the guide circle.
9. Save and then export the raw heightmap: full scale (results in being scaled 65535/400=163.8

10. Open the raw image in photoshop and expand the image to 8192x8192px (8*1024=8192).
11. Save the expanded raw image.

12. Create a 8x8 terrain: with detail size of 1024x1024 (definition size of 128x128), 0-400 m high, element size 200m/1024=0.195m
13. Import the raw image: scale 400/65535=0.0061, offset 0 (use raw scale when available).

I now have a 8x8 terrain base to work with.
Done with beta pro.
More to come...

Author:  adlena [ Sat Jul 13, 2013 9:33 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A crater scene

thanks for sharing :)

Author:  getpass [ Mon Jul 29, 2013 10:25 am ]
Post subject:  Re: A crater scene

thank you for your methods, i like it

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